Monday, March 24, 2008


the cheese was bought at stinky, bklyn on smith street. they are quite knowledgeable and have various other cheese-related items there (like meats and such) that seemed delectable. they even have that whacky leg o' ham cutter thing that holds the whole leg on it. the same people own "smith & vine" across the street, so you can go back and forth for the perfect pairing. also, smith and vine has an insane collection of scotch. who doesn't like scotch?!

the cheese list (with stinky's stinky rating) is as follows:

USA Cheeses
Folie Bergere (Sheep, 2 stinks)
Red Meck (Cow, 1 stink, and from up the Hudson)
Pawlet (Cow, 2 stinks!)
Red Spruce 5yr Cheddar (Cow, 2 stinks and very popular with BWC)
Hooligan (Cow, 3 stinks and not a huge win for BWC)
Humboldt Fog (YUMMM! Goat, 1 stink)

Italian Cheeses
Calcagno (my fave, sheep, 2 stinks)
La Rossa (this was the one wrapped in the cherry brandy soaked cherry leaves, 2 stinks and a mix of sheep and cow's milks)

Spanish Cheeses
Valdeon (cow, 1 stink, the only blue cheese on the table)
Zamarano (the faux manchego, sheep, 1 stink)

French Cheeses
Brie de Nangis (cow, 1 stink)
Brebirousse d'Argental (sheep, 1 stink)
Comte (cow, 2 stinks)